Skipper/Crew supply : Europe/Worldwide

With our extensive industry knowledge and connections «Open mind Yachting » has a large pool of qualified skippers and crew, a valuable network to build your dream team for a holiday, short deliveries or long passage.

We supply quality skippers and crewmembers to provide a discrete and first class service to maximise owner's enjoyment while on board.

Skipper supply :

«Open mind Yachting» regularely provides qualified skippers to assist owners and families with their yachts during holidays or longer passages.

Even if you are an experienced seaman, having a skipper on board is a great way to relax and let a professional take care of the stressful situations that may arise when sailing (windy berthing, crowdy anchorage, technical problems,customs, etc).

Whether you are an experienced sailor and just need a helping hand or a less experienced sailor and require help with an extended or arduous voyage we can supply the right skipper for the job.

We can have a skipper available to you in a matter of days, anywhere in the world.

«Our professional skippers will be happy to take responsability of your yacht when you don't want to»

Crew supply :

Wanting crew for your bespoke sailing trip ?

«Open mind Yachting» can supply a qualified crew to assist you or your skipper anywhere in the world if unexpected commitments interrupt a planned passage or if an helping hand is needed .

Our selected crew can be anywhere in the world within days to help move your boat or ensure her safety and security.

Rest assured, they will be reliable, qualified and professional.


Race crew supply :

What makes «Open mind Yachting» different is that we do not only offer cruising and delivery services, but that we also provide racing crew for inshore and offshore regattas. All of our race crew show a high race pedigree with proven track records of success.

Whether you just need a tactician for one race or a whole crew for a series «Open mind Yachting» has the right individal or team for you.

Our pool of professional race crew includes sailors from a multitude of sailing backgrounds.

So, whatever the yacht, role and budget, we have a crewmember to fit your needs and make you lift the silverware !

«Put a winning team together requires the right mix of people»

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