Yachting project : Consulting/Guidance

Have you got a new yachting project in mind ? We will be please to help.

You are an individual and you want :

  • Buy a new yacht or second hand yacht :

For many of us, a change in employment, family or financial circumstances is the trigger to change boat. Upgrading to a newer or larger yacht is always an exciting prospect. It is a gateway to new adventures and the start of a new chapter in life.

“Open mind Yachting” provides an experienced and unbiased opinion as to the yacht or selection of yachts that you are considering and whether these will meet your requirements.

If you have not yet choosen a yacht, we can carry out a full market review of all the yachts on sale meeting your criteria, including size, cruising capability, price and style.

“If buying a used boat, find a quality yacht and get a good survey“

This is very useful for very busy clients who do not have time to spoil searching the market for their dream yacht during weeks or sometimes months.

We will revert with a short list of selected yachts in order to start a discussion featuring each of the selected yachts. After having discussed the study in details, we can then organize the viewings with the seller or his broker.

If this results in a candidate yacht, we will negotiate the price with the seller or his broker, organise the pre-purchase survey, provide detailed report of the survey and it's implication to the price of the yacht. If requested, we can attend  the completion of the sale as the owner representative.

“Assisting in finding the right yacht for your needs, wishes and budget“

  • Help with the commissioning or sea trials of your new yacht

We understand that the pleasure in yachting is completely dependent upon a reliable, safe and hassle -free vessel.

It is our commitment to take care of your boat and that starts with its initial launch and commissioning.

Commissioning is defined as all of the make-ready issues for the boat, including installation of locally provided equipment and the final checkout and sea -trial with you and our staff.

When we commission your new yacht we not only ensure that the equipment performs well technically, but we also make certain your whole yacht performs faultlessly in the challenging conditions of the sea.

At “Open mind Yachting” we personally test each and every element of the technical, operational and domestic systems before you take charge of your boat.

Once your yacht passes our exacting standards at the dock, we then reach the climax with the sea-trials stage, where your yacht is finally put through her paces in the open ocean.

“At Open mind Yachting we ensure that your yacht is always ready to perform in first class condition“

  • Get advices on the equipment and configuration of your yacht:

The “Open mind Yachting” team has a great experience of how to best equip sailing yachts for the open sea. We are able to provide clever solutions in order to optimize your comfort on board, the safety of your crew and the performance of your boat.

Going cruising and leaving the dry land world behind for weeks, months or years, is a lifetime opportunity. Outfitting your boat right is crucial to make your passage making safe and fun.

Whatever your budget, there is a bewildering array of choice and a number of important decisions to make, anyone of which could severely impact the enjoyment and eventual success of your project.

We are here to help you taking care of all the little details and make sure that every point on your checklist has been ticked. We will be glad to assist in preparing the right check list with you.

We can advise on a host of equipment that exists and help determine what best suits your requirements.

  • We listen to your needs and then will advise in relation with your budget.
  • We offer advise on a wide range of equipment (sails, electronics, watermaker, winches,rigging , propeller, etc).

We are not tied to any specific suppliers so we are truly independent and can help you source the right equipment at the best price.

At “Open mind Yachting “our ultimate goal is that every owner's project come true, therefore we are working hard to help you reach your objectives and make sure you are fully prepared to achieve them in the most enjoyable way.

“We love sailing as much as you do”

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